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Help desk software Hesk - free PHP helpdesk script
Script name: HeskAuthor: Klemen StirnCurrent version: 0.94.1Price: FREE

Hesk is free PHP help desk software that runs with a MySQL database. It allows you to setup a ticket based support system (helpdesk) for your website.
Your customers are able to submit support tickets and the staff has a nice web based interface to reply to and manage help desk tickets. Features include:
unlimited personalized accounts for staff
unlimited categories
canned responses
file attachments
custom fields in the "Submit a ticket" form
anti-SPAM security image when submitting a ticket
powerful ticket search functions
e-mail notifications of new tickets and replies
easy-to-use web interface
easy to translate to any language
and much more!
You can completely customize the look of your help desk by editing header, footer and style files! All the text used is stored in a single language file so to translate the script you only need to edit one file!
Many users say they like this script because it is an easy to use, simple, secure and FREE alternative to commercial (read $200+) help desk software. It also comes with a simple install script that takes care of database setup to help you get your helpdesk up and running with very little effort.
Hesk has been tested on servers under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It should work on any other server as long as it has a working PHP and MySQL installation with common functions.
UNIX, Windows, FreeBSD server (or other with working PHP/MySQL)
PHP 4.3.2 or newer
1 MySQL database
FTP access and a FTP program
Script in action
Customer interface for submitting and tracking tickets:
Admin interface for replying and managing helpdesk:
Login info:User: select DemoPassword: demo1
Note: You will not be logged in as an administrator so many functions will not work in the demo. Some other functions have been disabled as well (like changing login password, sending e-mail etc.).

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